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Re: Overcoming Human Nature

Author:Marc Canter
Posted:4/27/1999; 8:10:55 AM
Topic:Linux' wide open spaces
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I like fine WINE,
'cause I'm not a porcupine,
but my server needs to run in Linux

and I'm an idea guy,
and I like to fly
and my poem remembers it ryhmes with Winer,

So take off your shoes,
and stop singing those blues,
as the god of tech is finer

than our funky punky blues,
and a brand new pair of shoes,
and a hefty helping portion of shiner,

on our way to caroliner,
with a big bag of 'oh so finer'
As Dave says "We could all go on a steam liner"

'cause this poem always ryhmes,
with some nice fine wine,
and a hefty helping portion of Winer.

And I sing all day,
in a stack of hay,
and start dreaming of Frontier in WINE - er

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