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Re: WINE ~= Carbon?

Author:Jim Roepcke
Posted:4/27/1999; 9:43:49 AM
Topic:Linux' wide open spaces
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It's not so much how many messages per minute I would want to process... it's how many I would need to be able to have processed in a burst...

I can imagine a scenario where a dozen connections come into Frontier within a second, and I'd hope for responses within 1 second.

Protocols... I'm not too sure what the complete list is, but I know it supports TCP/IP. I can program in Java or Objective-C, so I have the full Java and YB class libraries at my disposal.

On NT it might even be able to talk to it with COM... that would require Frontier be on the same box as the WO appserver... which I doubt would ever happen, except during development.

We're doing different types of applications over the next few months... data management and reporting, registration, database drill-down.

For testing, XML-RPC would be a good start... I can use the Java XML-RPC library. I'll measure the performance and determine if I need anything lighter than that.

I'll let you know how things go.


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