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XML-RPC performance

Author:Hannes Walln÷fer
Posted:4/27/1999; 1:48:17 PM
Topic:Linux' wide open spaces
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I can imagine a scenario where a dozen connections come into Frontier within a second, and I'd hope for responses within 1 second.

This should be doable from the Java side. The new version of the client is thread safe, so you can have multiple threads call it at the same time without blocking. (Of course you can also use one client per thread or request.)

There's also a Benchmark client included that starts 10 threads that use the same client to call an XML-RPC method 100 times each. I think it's not documented, but you can run it like this:

java helma.xmlrpc.Webserver 8080

and from another shell:

java helma.xmlrpc.Benchmark http://localhost:8080/

On my PC (dual P2 233 Mhz, NT 4.0, Sun JDK 1.1.8) this makes about 80 calls per second.

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