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Re: WINE ~= Carbon?

Author:Robert Cassidy
Posted:4/27/1999; 12:33:10 PM
Topic:Linux' wide open spaces
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I don't see Frontier meeting the marketshare of Apache at hosting sites, if that's what you are suggesting. I see Frontier reaching ~5-10% of those sites, though. Let's say 1/2 million sites buy into Frontier/Linux, just to keep Dave motivated... :-)

OS X is ALSO the future of the MacOS. Barring major disasters, Apple by this time next year will be shipping over 1 million OS X boxes per quarter, with about 10 million existing users able to upgrade to it. How many of those will use Frontier to help drive their small/medium office servers, list servers, etc. and to do basic scripting? Keep in mind that this is the market that got Frontier going.

Dave, any guesses on your MacOS installed base now? Odd are, in due course, that's roughly your market for an OS X version of Froniter. Frontier needs to work for the people creating all of this stuff as well as for the hardware delivering it all.

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