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Re: UP.SDK for WML

Author:Lawrence Lee
Posted:4/27/1999; 6:50:13 PM
Topic:setting up and using channels
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Herschel Shosteck Associates, who are international wireless analysts in Washington DC, wrote a report on this:

"This is misleading -- WAP does not enable smart phones to access true web content as we know it today, and in fact its services are more akin to short messaging than the graphic and content-rich world wide web. WAP devices will only be able to access content specifically optimized for WAP -- drastically limiting their usefulness to end users."

"Many people in the industry have commented that developing data-capable wireless infrastructure and terminals is a "chicken and egg" problem; which will come first, the content or the hardware? We argue that the content is already present in the form of the Internet. What remains is to create the hardware which can access it. Solutions such as WAP, which limit users to a narrow subset of content, fail to meet our test for end-user value."


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