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scriptingNews outline for 4/29/99

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:4/29/1999; 4:46:02 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 4/29/99
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The DNS problems continue. It appears it might not be an ISP problem. If you have any clues what might the problem might be, send email to please, or if you can, post a response to the DG message linked to above. Thanks.

Wired: Sun Scuttles Open Java Plan. "Alan Baratz, president of Sun's Java Software division, said that Sun has changed its strategy because Microsoft bought off the ISO and influenced the group's filing procedures, according to a report in ITWeek."

InfoWorld: Lotus Shaken After WSJ Article about CEO. At least they don't blame it on Microsoft.

Gomez: Amazon wants to be your big brother. The juice starts squirting. Microsoft struggles to find online chief. First step, have a vision. Hire some excellent developers and thinkers. Empower them. Cut thru Microsoft's internal self-defeating bullshit.

Washington Post: MP3 Undermines Music Biz. "MP3 has been around since 1992, but as its use has blossomed, the giants of the industry have become torn over what to do about it sue those connected with it, try to replace it or use it as yet another promotional tool."

Press release: The Globe and Wave Systems Partner.

The What About Apple thread continues. "There's tremendous economic pull to get us onto Unix. This is what we want to tap into. The Mac server platform, and its future incarnations do not, at this time, get us there. In fact, we have a very unclear idea of what Apple is doing, there have been some surprises lately.."

Metrowerks: A 1997 interview with David Hempling, lead developer of the Latitude porting libraries. Adobe used Latitude to port Mac API versions of PhotoShop, Illustrator and Premiere to Sun and SGI platforms.

NY Times: Intel Goes to War over Hidden Serial Number.

MacWEEK: Avid answers Mac critics. Marimba ups offering price.

NY Times: Deadlocked House Denies Support for Air Campaign.

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