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Re: Bad experience with Dell service

Author:Bob Davis
Posted:4/29/1999; 1:04:46 PM
Topic:Bad experience with Dell service
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My experiences have been different - but I'm in a different part of the country. I just had a Dell-sent technician here to replace my motherboard and the machine is better. I only called them yesterday. Yes, I had to go through a little hold time and listen to the Chernobyl virus stuff - and I had to go through the prescribed diagnostics to prove what I suspected in the beginning, but I expect that.

They overnighted a new motherboard to their service provider (Banktech) in Manchester NH, and the tech drove up, installed the motherboard, was friendly, and the machine works.

However, I have heard third-hand stories that were less than flattering. Nothing out of the ordinary for computers though.

Your experiences are worse than anything I have ever heard.

I still like Dell for PC's. We've got a bunch of them.

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