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Bad experience with Dell service

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:4/28/1999; 7:35:17 AM
Topic:Bad experience with Dell service
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I purchase a lot of Dell hardware. Last year I bought a laptop. I used it as my primary computer for a full year, but then the keyboard crapped out, and I bought another Dell, a desktop, the famous SuperHonker. I like, it's fast.

When I took my vacation I wanted my laptop. So one of the first things on my post-vacation to-do list was to get it fixed. I called Dell tech support, they connected me to Airborne Express, we made an appointment, and from there it's been pure hell. Right now I think my laptop is lost. I have spent over an hour waiting for a voice response, after emailing with a support person at Dell who says nothing other than my computer never arrived, and I should call them at their 800-number.

I am on hold right now, have been for the last 15 minutes. Their voice system is repeating a message over and over about the Chernobyl virus. They tell me to power down my system and reinstall the OS and all my software. My system is not effected by the Chernobyl virus. If you want to hear the message, dial into 1-800-288-4410. I am fed up with this treatment. I'm emailing a link to this message to Michael Dell. I want my computer back, fixed. And I want to be treated like a valued customer. This is highly offensive.

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