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Network Solutions Glitches Bug Users. (more DNS)

Posted:4/30/1999; 2:56:20 PM
Topic:Network Solutions Glitches Bug Users. (more DNS)
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In the article <,4,35924,00.html?> linked to in today's Scripting News, it is mentioned that users have been getting erroneous messages from NSI. The article says that NSI says the problem has only been happening in the last week. That's bull! I've had these troubles a month ago when I tried to register my domain. I'm still trying to clean up some lose ends.

I've also had troubles with changing records. The PGP key I submitted to allow me to change records worked once. Now NSI claims there is no PGP for me. What a pain.

I tell you. NSI in control makes me really nervous! Every time I try to change something in whois I get back E-mail messages that leave me scratching my head. Usually the first one is a confirmation that things will be changed and then I get followup messages with various contra indications similar to the one mentioned in the article.


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