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mR and generating common log format...

Posted:5/2/1999; 6:00:58 PM
Topic:mR and generating common log format...
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Hello all,

My goal is to have hits to mR saved out to a text file in common log format for analysis by Summary <>.

I've been tinkering with extending logbrowser.root to handle this task. I've gotten pretty far along. Unfortunately it looks like mR doesn't store some information that a clf would need. It's not storing if the request was a GET, PUT, or etc. Also, it's not storing the HTTP version.

After diggin' around a bit it looks like my only option at this point is to alter mainResponder.log.add to grab the additional information.

What I'm hoping for is that there is a way to accomplish what I want without doing that. Some callback I may have missed? I just looked over the mR docs on Nothing seems to fit the bill. mainResponder.log.add is called at the very last in mainResponder.respond so I can't see a way to patch into the logging process.

If it is indeed the case that there is currently no callback mechanism for mR logging, I like to request that one be added please. That way I could log any extra information that I might need in addition to the basic items Userland stores.

I can see in the future wanting to create other log file formats.

Thanks much,

Toodle-loooooooo........ Thomas

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