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Re: Idiots are everywhere

Author:Jason Lundy
Posted:5/5/1999; 8:14:42 PM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 5/4/99
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Mike Murry wrote, Men like Milosovic, Hitler, etc are made by the society we create. A non-violent society, for the most part, would never breed men like this. Maybe this is an idealistic dream, but I truly believe we are capable of it. ________________________________________________________

Men like Milosevic, Hitler and all the mini Hitlers among us, act as they do because of their own taste for . Literally. Because people are insensitive to the killing of animals and eating them, they cannot be sensitive to the pain of human beings. The pain that Milosevic is inflicting on the Albanians, is only a fraction of the pain that is caused by one person who eats cows. In order for there to be a true non violent society, people have to be sensitive to all living beings. There are other factors like violence on tv etc, but that doesn't compare with the mass violence that is taking place on this planet.

Jason Lundy

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