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Re: Question about embedding HTML on Windows

Author:Ramesh Indhewat
Posted:5/8/1999; 7:02:08 PM
Topic:Question about embedding HTML on Windows
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I have not done much with MFC for years, but I would think it would not be easy to use an MFC class in the way you envision.

Have you tried using the SHDocVwCtl COM control? This would make it very easy to embed a browser into an MDI child window. Plus you have good control over typical browser events, etc. This seems to be the approach taken by Allaire in their HomeSite HTML editor which allows quick previews.

The downside would be that this will require IE on the user's system. When Mozilla is released, you would have a choice of using Gecko as an alternative, but for now IE seems to be the only way to embed a browser in an application.

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