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Question about embedding HTML on Windows

Author:Brent Simmons
Posted:5/8/1999; 3:21:13 PM
Topic:Question about embedding HTML on Windows
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I have a question for Windows progammers about embedding the web browser control:

We're trying to use the CHtmlView class to display HTML in Frontier. Since Frontier is not an MFC app, it's necessary to use this class from within an external DLL.

Since Frontier can, and already does, load and call methods in external DLLs written with MFC, this should be possible.

Now, in a DLL I can get an hwnd to the Frontier window in which I want to display HTML, by using FindWindow.

So, in the DLL code I have on one hand the hwnd, and on the other hand the CHtmlView class. How can I get the two to meet? I want to tell Windows: create an instance of the web browser control in the window whose hwnd I have.

Or is there another approach that would make more sense?

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