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Re: OpenMind, OpenDoc or OpenCrock?

Author:John Brewer
Posted:5/8/1999; 11:15:24 PM
Topic:HTML support in Mac OS?
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Fascinating read. I guess part of my reaction at the time came from what I perceived to be sour grapes about Frontier vs. AppleScript. But in retrospect, I have to agree with your prediction that OpenDoc would be, "Inefficient, over-engineered, far too elegant, [with] huge gaping holes...."

The other part of the DaveNet, about the long file names, was very ironic. In 1995, I was a Mac developer, tweaking my Windows counterparts about their file name inadequacies. Since Win95 came out, I've found myself on multiple occasions having to lobby for source file names of under 32 characters, so that the files can be used on the Mac's primitive file system.

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