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Re: Update on My.UserLand.Com

Author:Mike Murry
Posted:5/9/1999; 10:47:05 AM
Topic:Update on My.UserLand.Com
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Any thoughts on how to manage an open source project when we're working on a Frontier guest database? I ask about this on a human project management level.

Why not run it the Linux way? You could have one top level co-ordinator (which would be someone at Userland) who has the final say on what goes in and what doesn't. Like you said this would have to be someone who rules with a light hand and whos main function would be to make sure none of the new stuff breaks any of the old stuff. The 2-3 experts would then be responsible for all the stuff that people submit for inclusion (as well as their own submissions). They're job would be make sure that all the code that is submitted is clean and formatted to fit with what already exists (so that if someone leaves or someone else comes in it will be easy to get them on board). myUserland.root would be divided up so that Expert #1 would be responsible for section 1, Expert #2 for section 2, etc. Any one who wants to submit code for section 1 would have to submit to Expert #1 and so on. It would also be nice if each expert had a small group that they could use to handle some of the coding that needs to get done that don't have the time to do themselves. These positions would probably best be filled by people who have submitted code in the past and that the Expert trusts to do well enough that it won't have to be redone. So in this way, they could take good ideas and find someone to do the coding.

For this to work the experts have to have a very personal attachment to their section(s), but still be open minded to new code. They have to be thick skinned, and amicable.

Those who submit code also have to understand that not everything they submit will make it in, but that they are free to implement anything they want in their own copy of myUserland.root.

Is this what you were looking for?

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