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Jaron Lanier on music piracy

Author:Jonathan Hendry
Posted:5/9/1999; 12:59:29 PM
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Curious: Does Jaron Lanier make a living from sales of music?

It's interesting that Lanier doesn't actually suggest *how* to make money. It's kind of like the free-software people who handwave by suggesting that you make your money by providing services.

It seems like his idea boils down to musicians having to make a living from constant touring and sales of merchandise. For some artists, this just won't work. I doubt this would work for *him*. I can't see people lining up to buy Jaron Lanier t-shirts and mouse pads. A few, perhaps enough to make beer money.

It might be interesting to look at, the website for Jane Siberry, who is trying to make a living from her music with her own label. She handles her own website, etc. Unlike Lanier, she doesn't have a day job or patent sale revenue to fall back on.

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