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Source release of My.UserLand.Com

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:5/10/1999; 12:05:13 PM
Topic:Update on My.UserLand.Com
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Right on schedule, the source for My.UserLand.Com is ready to go.

You can download it from the Examples section of Frontier.UserLand.Com.

Docs and installation instructions are on the Developers site.

There's a new mail list. If you're developing in myUserLand.root, it would be helpful if you subscribe to this list and help others get up the curve. Subscription instructions are on the developers site page. Questions and comments are welcome here too.

This database is subscribable, but there are no changes yet. When they are there, I will post instructions on how to get an update.

For those that don't have Frontier 6, here are some links to key tables in My.UserLand.Root and elsewhere:

  1. myUserLandSuite -- the core scripts that make up myUserLand.root.

  2. install -- sets up config.myUserLand.

  3. config.myUserLand -- the full configuration, running on

Finally here's the XML listing of all the registered services. I just noticed a glitch, I had the ID of the next channel set to 1 and then it moved up as high as 15. If you had one of the very low numbers for your channel, it's possible that it was overwritten. If you don't see your channel in the list, please resubmit it. Sorry for the lost numbers! I know some people will probably be proud that they had a low number. That's the way it goes!

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