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scriptingNews outline for 5/12/99

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:5/12/1999; 4:07:09 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 5/12/99
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TechWeb: Berners-Lee Says Patents Obstruct an Open Web.

The latest update of LibGD focuses on image transformations, vertical and horizontal flips, rotation through 90 and 180 degrees, shears, and rotation through arbitrary angles. Starbuck's to enter Portal Fray?

What is the problem at Starbucks Coffee?

SJ Merc: The Dead on MP3. "Spokesmen for the Grateful Dead announced Tuesday that the band will let its fans legally swap online recordings of live performances." Garcia once said, "When we're done with it, you can have it."

DeadRadio: "Due to licensing issues and restrictions this content is no longer available. Please visit for your favorite radio station." Hello?

5/27/98: An Afterlife for the Dead?

Dave Luebbert, an old friend from Microsoft's Word team, posts suggestions for improving the interface on

Update on my attempt to get my Dell laptop repaired. As I expected, it arrived nonfunctional. We'll go around the loop at least one more time.

Microsoft: NT Service Pack 5. Net number system at crossroads. "The legacy space doled out to those that had the foresight to ask for it is the source of jealousy for many latecomers. They point out that while Mercedes Benz holds nearly 17 million addresses, only 1.04 million have been allocated to the entire nation of China."

6/22/98, ZDNet: Big Entities Stash IP Addresses. "What was once nearly worthless in the mid-1980s is an increasingly valuable commodity in today's fast-growing Internet."

The Class A licensees. Thanks to Fredrik Lundh.

RFC 1335: The Problem of Address Space Exhaustion.

RFC 1466: Guidelines for Management of IP Address Space.

We need help with COM. Rather than broadcast this via email at all the addresses I have, I thought I'd try posting it here. Brent is working on a breakthru application of COM. We think it's going to help set a new standard for ease of use in website writing. But we need some guidance from Microsoft. Brent works in Seattle, so we could move quickly.

Zope 1.11.0 pr1 includes preliminary support for XML-RPC. Yes!

What is Zope? Its Zen is revealed here.

Paul Everitt: Real world open source. Everitt is the creator of Zope.

REBOL 2.0 was released yesterday. No XML-RPC, yet.

It's still important to get XML-RPC support in all the major environments on all major OSes. We have Python, Perl, Java, and of course Frontier. It's a platform-vendorless cross-platform, lightweight, Internet-based distributed computing protocol. And it's fun!

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