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Re: I did the deed!

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:5/12/1999; 5:19:48 AM
Topic:Installing RedHat 6.0
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I don't really think it's that far from Windows. Mostly it's a mixing thing. There seem to be two or three ways to do things. That's the no-no. I only want one command line, not three. I don't care if there are two other ways of doing it. I just want one. I don't care if it isn't perfect.

The docs they ship with Red Hat are very frustrating. They dive right into telling you how to use a piece of software without telling you how to launch it! Whoa.

For example, I can't find the equivalent of the Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. I see the screen shots in the book, but how do I launch it?!?

Anyway I'm happy to share my burnt braincells. Read the first sentence. It's a lot further along than I thought it would be. Now I think it's a matter of a feature mix, making choices and documenting and streamlining. It could be as good as the Mac or Windows, it appears to me.

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