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Installing RedHat 6.0

Author:Eric Kidd
Posted:5/10/1999; 7:25:15 AM
Topic:Installing RedHat 6.0
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Welcome to the Linux community, Dave! If you have any questions, I'll be staying near the discussion group today.

You may have some troubles installing RedHat, particularly if your computer wasn't built to run Linux. Most hardware older than six months should work (with the exception of things like WinModems), but a few things require messy, manual setup. I've installed Linux on a lot of machines built for Windows NT.

You'll need a bootable partition on one of your computers; this is required for any new operating system. Unfortunately, the rules for constructing bootable partitions on PCs make no sense. Blame your BIOS.

It's probably best to go to the Windows Control Panel and write down your hardware information, including interrupts and all those other screwy parameters. Sometimes these come in handy if Linux fails to auto-detect your hardware. Oh, and make a guess for your monitor's refresh rate.

On average, I find that a Gateway, Dell or Compaq machine contains one ugly piece of hardware that requires special setup under Linux. All these problems can be avoided by buying Linux preinstalled or custom-configuring a machine.

Oh, I've never called RedHat support. Are they any good?

Cheers, Eric

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