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We need help with COM

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:5/12/1999; 6:26:15 AM
Topic:Question about embedding HTML on Windows
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Dear Microsoft people:

I'm writing today to ask for some help with a project we're doing to embed Microsoft's HTML display control in Frontier 6.

We have what we believe is an ease-of-use breakthru in management of news-oriented websites, and if we get this working the result will be better than on any other OS because of the integration of the HTML in the OS.

The problem is that we're wanting to embed this in an app that's not written in C++. The expertise we need to tap into is someone who knows how to work with non C++ apps and ActiveX components. We have a DLL that implements our bridge.

The engineer working on this is Brent Simmons. Brent is based in Seattle, so he could work closely with the right person at Microsoft.

I'm hoping you can help us find the right person.

For an explanation of the problem, see this message.

Dave Winer

PS: If you want to contact us privately, send email to, cc'd to Thanks!

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