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Author:Seth Dillingham
Posted:5/12/1999; 7:40:51 AM
Topic:Discussion group interface troubles
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What I love most about MainResponder (of which the discussiongroup functinality is just one part) is exactly what I love most about Frontier: I can customize it's behaviour in any way I want, on my system.

I'm not sure I'll want every change you make to to end up in my discussion groups... some of them, probably, but not all of them. That's another good reason to run a customized version: implement the changes I want (on my own, or sometimes by scarfing Userland's work), ignore those I don't.

I have to admit, I like all the stuff that Dave L. suggested. Some of them, like the sorting of messages by author, is a bit more work than others (like adding the 'Topic' link), but I think it's worth exploring.

My favorite idea (from Dave L's list) is the viewing of all messages from a user-definable range of days. Hmmmm...

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