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Re: Discussion group interface troubles

Author:Jacob Savin
Posted:5/12/1999; 11:44:27 AM
Topic:Discussion group interface troubles
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There was a modified message reader script posted here a while ago (though a cursorial search didn't turn it up) which would display an entire thread after the message. This makes non-linear navigation in a thread easy. It could be set in a preference in the forms at so that default behavior is as it is now, and if a user prefers to see whole threads, they could switch the pref on. There are probably other things a user might want to set in a preference too, and this would encourage people to sign up, instead of just lurking.

Also, though only tangentially related, it would be nice to see a frames version of the DG, with the main links in a static frame at the top, a pair of frames down the left side with the calendar, and either the current thread, or the topic list, and then a larger content frame on the right. I'll make a sample screenshot and post it when it's done...

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