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Author:Dominique Brodbeck
Posted:5/13/1999; 12:46:52 AM
Topic:Discussion Group Admin Page
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Incidentally I've just done something similar yesterday.

I have a guest database which contains about five discussion groups right now. They are used for various things like collaborative to-do lists, "web logs" and of course discussions.

So I added a little "Remote Control Central" where I can add new groups by just entering their name and title in a form on a web page. All the necessary tables are then created automatically (they're not searchable yet though, that's up next). I tried to pull out all the common stuff from the specific discussion groups into the parent table (things like #prefs, #filters, default, etc.) so I only need to recreate them if necessary. Good to hear that Userland is working on this.

Also I can run selected scripts which build and render our intranet site through this web page. This is really handy as I now don't have to run back to my office anymore when I'm working on something with one of our authors.

I like how Frontier makes it easy for me to have an idea and then just go and implement it. Now if this was actually my main job...

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