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scriptingNews outline for 5/13/99

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:5/13/1999; 4:58:11 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 5/13/99
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DaveNet: Linux Newbies.

New channel: Free XML Tools. Perfect!

Wired: US May Pull Belgrade Bandwidth. "People are exposed to bad propaganda on both sides," he said. "The Internet is the only place there's some kind of sanity. It's crucial. At this particular moment it's crucial." Amazon paid $250 million for Alexa.

InfoWorld: Buy a product, get some stock. "Cyrus Intersoft plans to give developers who sign up to create applications using its forthcoming Java-based network operating system a lot more than a pat on the back and a free T-shirt -- they will get stock in the company."

CNN: Sony Unveils Robot Dog.

As one of the first universities on the Internet, Stanford University has long held Class A network 36 which holds approximately 16 million addresses. Because of IP address scarcity, Stanford is giving back the 36 net in the year 2000.

Eric Kidd: Zope and Frontier Compared. This becomes more interesting as we move towards Unix. We want to deploy apps that scale up to millions of users. We will use Frontier as a content management and rapid development environment. Until we have Frontier running on Linux, we will deploy in some other environment. If we can build a bridge to Zope, and if its applications scale well on Intel hardware, we'll go with Zope.

Key point: We made a decision last month that we should not wait for Frontier to get to Unix. We can't really, because we can't turn away users. Mail To The Future, for example, is growing, there's more press coming, following the Yahoo endorsement. And eventually I think My.UserLand.Com is going to develop into a major Internet portal. We won't hold the apps back waiting for Frontier to get to Linux. Some people may be surprised at this flexibility, but many of our customers need this kind of bridge too. The Web is growing at a feverish pace, you can't be in a position where you have to turn away growth.

Bottom-line: This is why it's good that Zope is getting XML-RPC.

Bernie DeKoven wants to know what you think.

TechWeb: 25 Vendors in Hosted Apps Consortium. Interesting! There's room for another 25 vendors here. I like XML, Linux, NT, scripting and databases. ASPs is a cool idea. I like it.

Today's music: A Certain Girl by Naomi Neville, as sung by Allen Toussaint, of course! What's her name? I can't tell you!

Wired: What If Aliens Cloned My Hair? "The company that launched the remains of Timothy Leary wants to send a lock of your hair hurtling into space." So if 25,000 years from now an alien cloned my hair, would my consciousness be there?

InfoWorld: Microsoft's Bosworth talks up XML. "What we learned from the Web is that easy and simple beats efficient and complex."

InfoWorld: Dell Demos New Sales Website. Cool! But will they be able to fix a laptop with a broken keyboard?

Heads-up, we updated Frontier on our CMS server last night, so there will be macro errors and other glitches, for sure. If you spot one, send an email to

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