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Re: Discussion group interface troubles

Author:Tommy Sundström
Posted:5/13/1999; 5:22:47 AM
Topic:Discussion group interface troubles
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A while back I posted a demo on how to show the full discussion thread at "Full response structure" on .

There is also the code to add keywords to discussion messages.

If I may add two items to the dg wish list:

1) I find that I often read the full thread, or essential parts of it. I would prefer to get all the texts of a particular thread presented on the same page.

2) I find it difficult when I come to the discussion group page to locate what has happened. Often I have to go back to the previous day, and look through the list and try to remember what was there last time I read it, so that I can figure out what is new.

I know the dg has a 'last message read' for me. Maybe this (or better: a 'last headline shown') can be used to put out a marker in the list; and to make that my starting point when I come to

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