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Re: Indexing in Frontier database - vs sql

Author:Tommy Sundström
Posted:5/13/1999; 5:54:41 AM
Topic:Indexing in Frontier database - vs sql
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I have no trouble with how the discusson group works. It's realy rare for all the messages of a particular day to be deleted, causing the calender to have a link to an empty day (and if this realy was a problem, it would be easy to modify the code to solve it).

What I was trying to hint at, is that while the Frontier odb is a excellent place to store data (with a structure that often is more suited for the web than the internal structure of a relational database), the sql databases still has some advantages when you want to get the data back - since the sql bases has a more mature indexing.

This is obviusly not a problem for well defined structures like the discussion group. I used it as an example to show that already there the problems with keeping an index in sync shows up.

In the thread "Discussion group interface troubles" there is wishes (sorting by authour, subject etc) that I think will require indexes. Can it be done in Frontier? Naturally, there is nothing mystical with indexes, they can just be tricky to keep in sync in an efficient manner.

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