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Re: Indexing in Frontier database - vs sql

Author:Sam DeVore
Posted:5/13/1999; 7:15:54 AM
Topic:Indexing in Frontier database - vs sql
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Couldn't this be made clearer in the docs for discuss.root

For example: if you happens to delete all the messages for a particular day (by adding a fldeleted = true to them), that day will still be active in the calendar - but there will be no messages to see.

It's really hard to find. It appears as an aside in the part about

inResponseTo, a number, it identifies the message that this is in response to, 0 if it's a top-level message, not in response to anything. If it's -1, it's a system message. If it's -2, the message has been deleted (it also has an flDeleted boolean set to true)

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