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Re: Technography. a core competency

Author:Peter Thirkell
Posted:5/13/1999; 1:27:39 PM
Topic:Technography. a core competency
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It will be (is?) a core competency to the extent that collaboration (in or close to real time) adds synergy to creativity, timeliness of information, and/or productivity. You guys need to check out what the people at Teamwave are doing with concepts of a virtual office and what they call "Extreme Collaborative Internet Whiteboard." The problem is that it doesn't predefine any real structure for a collaborative process, or an obvious means of "capturing" group output in a systemmatic way. Frontier helps define process and with the odb is superb at capturing info and output, but not so good at visual shared spaces or grabbing "bits of stuff" to wave around in that space. Last year I suggested Teamwave look at what is happening in Frontier, to see if there were some way to capture the best of Teamwave tools (written in Java) and Frontier. They were interested but couldn't see an obvious tieup. That was before Frontier 6 however, so maybe that's still a live question. If for example an outliner could exist in the Teamwave "shared" space but still communicate easily with Frontier odb, then we might be on to something. By the way my interest is in distance education apps, altho I am working on an idea to provide an online (is it technography?) facility that helps students (and managers?) thru a marketing planning process. It will build on the idea of "living documents" - in this case a live marketing plan. I think it has potential, and I am excited by how much Frontier 6 has moved to facilitate what I am playing with, altho I am finding it a steep learning curve.

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