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Technography. a core competency

Author:Bernie DeKoven
Posted:5/13/1999; 9:43:06 AM
Topic:Technography. a core competency
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I think technography is more important than I think it is. I think, now that the bandwidth is broadening (yes, I got my ADSL line) it might really be one of those "core competencies."

I'm asking for help in thinking this through. I thought I made this whole thing up, you see, and it's like my child, and I am having trouble accepting that it's ready to leave home.

Suppose, for example, I were working in the Frontier outliner and using some kind of software that allowed you to see on your computer exactly what I was seeing on mine.

And suppose I were using my outline to help you get something made, something like a web page, or a letter to an editor.

We'd be doing technography, right?

Even though we weren't in the same room together. Even though it's only you and me. What I'm doing, using my computer to help you work, is technography. All the art and skill and knowledge that I have when I'm doing technography on a big screen in a room full of articulate contributors, is the same. Everything I know about technography in the meeting room would make our conversation more productive over the Internet.

OK? Have I come to any wrong conclusions here? Oh, sure, if we were all in the same room it'd be different. But it'd be technography, the same technography.

Which is interesting, don't you think?

We're talking on-line facilitation. We're talking computer-supported conference calls. We're talking computer-supported conversations with lawyers, accountants, secretaries, writers.

We're talking, and computing, and working together; deciding and publishing, on-line.

We're talking, and not even thinking about technography. Because we're doing technography. Because it's a very practical practice. A very common sense way for getting things done together. Not just for high-level teams meeting in executive retreat centers, but for anybody who uses the Internet. A core competency.

What do you think?

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