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membership callbacks

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:5/13/1999; 7:30:58 PM
Topic:DG security Check
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How about storing the user info in FileMaker?

We have callback scripts for membership, one of our early developers, Seth Dillingham, needed this feature and we put it in for him.

It might just do the trick for you. There are two callback scripts, one that is called when Frontier wants to get the membership info about a certain user, it returns the address of a table, which should at least contain a string called password, and could contain other information if you wanted. The other callback is called when the request is complete, so you could write results back to the external database or delete a temporarily created structure.

It's described in the "callbacks" section on this page.$3.2.5

I remember Seth was able to use this, so it could possibly work for you.

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