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Re: Version Control (Was: Dave an idea for Frontier)
Posted:5/14/1999; 1:25:36 AM
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Version control is an absolutely critical development for us at King's (and for the New Media companies I work with across London) . For many reasons we need Frontier to act as an XML-based repository for the contnet of our College publications. Ideally this will allow staff from across the College to contribute sections both afresh and re-writes. We can then export to WWW, PDF or QUARK. Now, if someone queries copy published on the WWW last year (say a student who claims to be receiving a course different from that in the prospectus) we have now way of cycling back to see.

What's needed? ---------------

Selfish response: a kernel-based extension to the XML suite of verbs that creates a parallel instance of an branch/ element/ attribute that is inserted on top of an existing (same name) branch/ element/ attribute. So, in tree terms, the x,y of branches and nodes becomes x,y,z - with branches or nodes on the 'z axis' running in parallel. The 'fore most' being the latest version whilst those 'behind' are named according to their version.

The lack of this features stops me from going any further with Frontier at the moment (and pushes me toward pedigree SGML systems and their 'market share descendants' such as Interleaf's BladeRunner).

But Frontier is the perfect environment for the creation of screen based containers (web pages, etc). How frustrating!?


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