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Help, Next/Prev in Topic please

Author:Don W Strickland
Posted:5/13/1999; 10:49:25 PM
Topic:Help, Next/Prev in Topic please
Msg #:6198
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I'd really like 3 navigation features added to your discussion suite. Please forgive me if these features exists; I looked and looked and couldn't find them.

1. First things first, Discuss needs a HELP link at the top. Give me a Help link that takes me to at least a very simple newbie guide. I'll bet the info exists, just take me there and please display it in a new daughter browser window.

2. At the top of a message, along with Author, Posted, Topic, Msg#, (in response to), Prev/Next, and Reads; give me ... Prev in Topic: same as Back & prev equal bullet at bottom and Next in Topic: same as Back & next equal bullet at bottom. Why should I have to click back and then a new link just to reach the next message in this topic?



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