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Re: Which Linux for MacOS?

Author:Jesse Estevez
Posted:5/14/1999; 7:35:25 AM
Topic:Which Linux for MacOS?
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LinuxPPC installed quickly and easily.

With a 1 gig external you may have to cut down on some of the optional items that you install, or else your machine will get errors during installation (the installation doesn't check to see if you have the space, it just gives it a shot). The problem is that the errors fly by and you don't notice them and then you try to boot and can't. So if you can't boot, try the installation again whith fewer goodies.

Partition recommendations are based on 1.2 gig, not a huge deal, but you'll have to make adjustments.

It took me two hours to figure it out, and I have only about 1 month experience with Linux.

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