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Re: Which Linux for MacOS?

Author:Jason Haas
Posted:5/17/1999; 7:44:46 AM
Topic:Which Linux for MacOS?
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Hi folks, Jason Haas from LinuxPPC here.

If you're going to be starting with Linux for the first time, I'd strongly recommend waiting for LinuxPPC Release 5.0. (Disclaimer: I work for the company.) We're going to have a great new installer, and very nice desktop environments for running in. It'll also have Netscape Communicator, which is not in the Yellowdog distribution.

For setup, it can be accomplished in an hour. Contrary to what all of the documentation that's currently published says, I recommend making only two partitions:

swap (30 megabytes) root (the remainder of the free space)

Doing so makes it easier up front, and can stave off future headaches.


Jason Haas LinuxPPC Inc.

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