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Re: Technography. a core competency

Author:Bernie DeKoven
Posted:5/14/1999; 8:23:16 AM
Topic:Technography. a core competency
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Not silly in the least. Especially if it turns out that it is thin enough to slip through firewalls.

One of the challenges here is from the user's end. Anything that requires downloading and installation is always an obstacle. What do you know about their Java applet? Is is robust enough to let us use the web as the connecting medium?

An advantage of NetMeeting is that it also provides some Internet telephony. This, apparently, is not a capability of VNC. My solution has been to arrange a conference call first via some carrier. This way we can use the phone for the voice communication, and the screen for the data.

I'd really appreciate it if someone would look into this further, grok the technology a bit, and let us know of its appropriateness. The price sure is right!

Thanks for the suggestion. I hope several people try this. It could be just the jumpstart we were looking for.

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