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Re: Hint to Apple

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:5/15/1999; 11:05:37 AM
Topic:Hint to Apple
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For device drivers, I like the idea of having backwards binary compatibility. I like the idea of being able to install drivers without having to compile anything. Any OS that doesn't provide that is going to annoy me.

This may be naive, but what's to stop someone from compiling in one device driver to the system that in turn can call all the code bits in a specific folder, allowing boot-time customization?

Personally, as someone who has lived with shitty extensions to an OS (The Mac Component Manager) I kind of like the idea of compiling in my code at the OS level, esp for servers.

Regardless, a fragmented Unix world has always been what holds Unix back. When I asked Apple to go to Linux, I was really asking you all a question. I am very happy with the level of discourse here. I feel like we're all from different backgrounds, and we're learning about each other. This is the way it should work.

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