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Ummm Nothing much is wrong with Linux TCP Stack.

Author:William Crim
Posted:5/15/1999; 4:42:53 PM
Topic:Hint to Apple
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Yes, the BSD one is often times benchmarked as faster. But it certainly isn't "significant". BSD has a leaner and meaner TCP stack. The Linux TCP stack isn't quite as lean, it has hooks and interfaces for misc stuff that BSD stack doesn't have. It is a little slower, but by stretch of the imagination is it significant.

People always sighted the lack of a Command Line as a weakness of the MacOS. The MacOS people always thought of their lack of a commandline as a strength for the type of work they wanted to do. When it comes right down to it, BSD came from UNIX, which was a server OS first. Linux started as a Workstation OS and evolved(through striving for UNIX compatibility) into a good Server OS. Differences in the OS are more due to differences in approach, not any inherent weakness in the code.

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