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Re: Scripting on Linux

Author:Eric Kidd
Posted:5/17/1999; 7:11:17 AM
Topic:Scripting on Linux
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What is the state of interapplication messaging on Linux (keep in mind that this question is coming from a Mac user)?

Well, the traditional Unix environment is scripting paradise--hundreds of scripting languages, tens of thousands of modular commands and lots of neat ways to hook things together. In addition, Gnome and KDE can both be scripted using CORBA interfaces, although people are still building new APIs. Look for lots of work in this area in the future.

Legacy Unix applications, like Netscape Navigator, don't always support an interapplication messaging interface. The only real way to script Netscape is via its command-line arguments. (These are fairly sophisticated, and allow you to communicate with an already-running copy of Navigator.)

Cheers, Eric

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