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Re: Source release of Prefs.UserLand.Com

Author:Sam DeVore
Posted:5/17/1999; 12:04:46 PM
Topic:Source release of Prefs.UserLand.Com
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As one just getting started into XML (only 'cus I see what a cool application of it prefs.userland is and as usual Dave has sent my mind off on all sorts of new ideas) is it possible within the structure of XML to define dynamic objects. For example say in prefs I wanted to have each website with description as a table entry and people to be able to add as many sites as they wanted. Does the structure allow for people to add a new entry, with out having to define an entry for all the possible entries that they might have. So that if Bill has two sites there are 3 text boxes (with one to add a new entry) and Ann has 10 sites there are 11 text boxes.

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