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Re: Scripting News XML DTD/Parsing Issues

Author:Ian Davis
Posted:5/18/1999; 1:34:34 AM
Topic:Scripting News XML DTD/Parsing Issues
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I'm not sure that you even need to change the DTD. As I understand it a #PCDATA element contains pure character data. If you're application requires that to be HTML then simply output it as it is. In your first example Perfect would be in italics while in the second, nothing would be in italics because you've escaped the brackets, presumably so the author can display them explicitly.

The mixed content model is used when there are both child elements and character data. In this case there are no child elements - it's text that just happens to be HTML - in theory it could be anything such as TEX or RTF, both of which contain angle brackets.

Th structure of your data is seperate from the content, they just happen to look similar.

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