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XML-RPC from a script in an HTML page?

Author:Oliver Wrede
Posted:5/26/1999; 11:10:07 AM
Topic:XML-RPC from a script in an HTML page?
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I am currently trying to do some fancy stuff with Frontier, and I ran into script chaos!

So clear up my options, I'd have to know about things, which are not self explanatory, and which I could not figure out by reading manuals...

Can I make an XML-RPC call from a script in an HTML page? (preferebly VBScript, but maybe in a more platform independetn way)

I want to call a Frontier script, which performs some functions in the Windows Shell when I click a certain link. The link should not chage the document.location.href value.

I heard that IE5 is able to make XML-RPC calls. Is that right?


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