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problem with flShowFileUpload in DG

Posted:5/26/1999; 8:43:46 PM
Topic:problem with flShowFileUpload in DG
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Hello all,
I'm on a Mac G3
MacOS v8.6
Frontier 6.0
mainResponder (updated as of 5/26 9 AM)
In the DG I set flShowFileUpload to true for mainresponder.discuss.newMessageForm. The Attach file line appeared as expected. I attached a file, hit the Post Message button and got this error...
Sorry! There was an error: Assignment over existing table object ÒattachfileÓ is not allowed. Delete the object first, or use table.assign to override protection.

The error was detected by Frontier 6.0 in mainResponder.respond.

Using the handy dandy mainResponder debugging technique, I was able to trace down where I think the problem is. When I hit the goto button I'm taken to mainResponder.respond. The line reads...
adrparamtable^.postArgs [i] = latinToMac.convert (adrparamtable^.postArgs [i])

It's in the //convert text from latin to Mac character sets, if this is a Mac bundle.


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