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Membership "sign up" screen unreachable

Posted:5/27/1999; 11:55:30 AM
Topic:Membership "sign up" screen unreachable
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Scene: F6 running on Xeon Pentium III NT4SP4 workstation. The usual membership deal with "employees". No XML prefs, no my.userland stuff (yet).

When people click on the sign up link from the logon page, their web browser spins awhile, then returns then to the logon page. I see the following inetd error in my logs:

client =
port = 81
stream = 4
whatWentWrong = Can't write stream because TCP/IP error code 10054 - Connection reset by peer.
whatWereWeDoing = Returning data

Also see this error:

client =
port = 81
stream = 11
whatWentWrong = Can't write stream because TCP/IP error code 10053 - Software caused connection abort.
whatWereWeDoing = Returning data

However when I try the same thing from MSIE v4.5 on Mac, it works. Strange? Could it all be because of IP Throttling in NT workstation?

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