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Re: New release of Prefs.root

Posted:6/3/1999; 5:14:41 PM
Topic:Source release of Prefs.UserLand.Com
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Looks very powerful. I want to take advantage of this new method of storing profile information.

Before, you'd go into htmlinterfaces/people/prefs and there was a template page which stored all the familiar userland prefs stuff in members.root.

It's unclear to me how you invoke the same functionality using prefs.root (and prefsSite). I try executing /prefs/prefsSite/ in a browser and it times out, unable to load localhost (but I cannot get F6 to respond to localhost on this particular machine due to the way default domains are setup on my subnet I think). Do we need to change the value of the config.urls.prefshome to point to this new gdb?


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