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Re: What is BizTalk?

Author:Mark Woods
Posted:6/7/1999; 8:48:20 AM
Topic:What is BizTalk?
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I also think that you shouldn't worry about BizTalk being a direct competitor to XML-RPC (at least, not as a spec or service - product lines are something else).

I'm not so sure; I think BizTalk represents a deviation from the XML-RPC work I have read about (and admired) here. It looks like the proposed tag in the BizTalk framework is intended to specify not just where a document is destined, but what application is to be invoked on the receiving end. This is done via the "process" attribute of the and tags. I am gleaning this from the BizTalk Framework XML Tags Specification.

This is a twist on XML-RPC, I think. If I understand correctly, I build an XML-RPC call and specify the data to be passed as part of the marked-up call. I suspect that data could be an XML document itself (something more complex than This appears to leave the decision of how to specify the procedure to be invoked up to the developer - unless BizTalk 1.0 attempts to formalize that syntax. At the moment, I don't see how XML-RPC can fit into this strategy.

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