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The Need For Speed

Author:Robert Brook
Posted:6/7/1999; 8:30:49 AM
Topic:The Need For Speed
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Well, it's come to this.

I've tried so many things, but I just can't figure this one out. I'm running an intranet, and I'd like to run it faster! MacOS 8.6, latest Frontier 6 update, G3.

I've tried: Frontier solo, through Webstar (with the Nirvana plug-in), with huge amount of memory.

I've talk to my IT Director about network speeds. No problems there. I'm running with almost no graphics.

I'm running a fully dynamic site. Nothing is static - and I do mean nothing. Hey - why not actually use all those great features?

I'm sure that there's something I've missed. Either in config.root, or user.webserver. And I'm not willing to go back to static pages: I want the new functionality I've got running.

Can anyone help me out here? Is there a different way of serving through Webstar?

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