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scriptingNews outline for 6/9/99

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:6/9/1999; 5:53:27 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 6/9/99
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DaveNet: Byte and the Merc. The next thing I have to do is to install Office 2000 on my laptop so I can read a spec that just arrived from Microsoft. It happened in real-time, as the DaveNet piece was going out. Can they read my mind??

Microsoft: Viewer for Word 97. It's freeware.

Re yesterday's piece, from a Microsoft exec: "We worry about whether we are going to get crushed by the Internet every day."

USA Today: Web creator displeased with his invention. "We used to say the Web would mimic the world," he says, "but, in fact, it ended up being the world."

I'm rewriting the Recently Updated Channels process. After a few days running, it became clear how it could be simpler. So the updating is a little erratic now, but should settle down again shortly.

PC World: RemarQable Discussions.

David Carter-Tod has an XML-RPC connector for ASP pages. He says the performance is acceptable. This could change the way we do dynamic sites here. I've asked if he's released the code, and if so, I'll link to it here asap.

CNN's Lou Dobbs resigns to start Space.Com. I wonder if they need a content management system?

John Grohol points out that Mr. Dobbs needs some help with security. The database of email addresses they're collecting is in plain text and in plain view on their server.

Paolo Valdemarin: How hot was it in Trieste last summer? So hot that Marc Canter passed out!

Another heads-up. We have a project going to get one of our smaller membership-based sites running in Zope on Linux. It's up and running now and we'll link to it shortly, perhaps later today.

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