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Easy Content Syndication

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:6/12/1999; 12:19:30 PM
Topic:Easy Content Syndication
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If you want to include a favorite channel on your home page, here's a Frontier macro that does it for you:

on myUserLandChannel (id) 
	local (server = "", port = 80)
	local (path = "/myUserLand/staticRendering/service" + string.padwithzeros (id, 5) + ".html")
	return (string.httpResultSplit (tcp.httpClient (server:server, port:port, path:path)))

Put this macro in user.html.macros and call it from your web pages as follows:

{myUserLandChannel (8)}

This will place channel 8 in your page.

Now you can do content syndication just like Alta Vista and ZDNet!

PS: No reason you couldn't do this in Perl, Java, Python or Tcl.

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