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Posted:6/14/1999; 9:43:47 AM
Topic:Internet Alchemy
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This is great to have exciting new content.

I have one question though about permissions.

Most everyone who has submitted a channel to did so willingly (I would guess). The RSSmaker process seems like a break from this pattern (just my impression). Did the BBC agree to have their content used in this way? Wired? C|Net? etc. If not, how do you feel about using someone's content without their permission in your portal? Who actually owns the headlines? While there is a trend for people to use other's headlines without permission, when it comes down to it, you are storing copyrighted material in your database. It seems like a different issue than simply linking to another site without their permission. I suspect that at some point one or more of these additions will protest. I bring it up because I don't want users of my personalized portal to be disappointed by services coming and going.


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